M2E with Pets

Pets-N is a pet community & M2E APP with meta dog SoloDog. Pet community content will share companion life between users and exchange various information. Try it with your companion life and meta dog SoloDog.

You can earn money by walking or running with SoloDog, and you can acquire various items using the Pets-N platform. Pets-N community content provides a variety of services such as SNS, pet meetings, shopping, stores, and coupons.

This content will connect the metaverse and your pet life. And the experience points accumulated by using the content increase SoloDog's profitability and you can receive various benefits.

#1 Move To Earn

Exercise with my pet SoloDog. A M2E App where you can earn money by walking or running. You can earn tokens by walking with Pets-N SoloDog. The amount and speed you get depends on the value of your SoloDog, your character level, and item attributes.

#2 Use To Earn

Items acquired while using content such as Pets-N SNS, gatherings, stores, shopping, and sales will bring you higher returns and various benefits. In addition, you can purchase various products suitable for pets or use discount coupon services for beauty, hospital, and store

#3 Event & Promotion

There are events and promotions that only NFT holders can participate in. This is a participation reward system that obtains reward revenue through a cyclical structure of participation and rewards. The higher the experience you get from platform usage and activities, the more rewards you can receive. Making friends between users will bring a strong bond.

#4 Luck

You never know what kind of luck will find you. One day, luck will come to you. Please find a lot and use it a lot. Luck is yours. The sympathetic stats you acquire while using it will have a higher chance of bringing you good luck.

Would you like to exercise with SoloDog?

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How to use

Exercise with SoloDog.
Please use the Pets-N community content.
Solodog Augmented Reality (AR) World
Do it with your friends

Road map

“Q3 2021”
- Project planning
- App designn

Step 1

“4Q 2021 ~ 2Q 2022”
- Pets-N platform construction
- Market Building

Step 2

“Q3 2022”
- Air drop & Event
- SoloDog Beta-service

Step 3

“Q4 2022”
- Pre mint
- Market open

Step 4

“Q4 22 ~ Q1 23”
- SoloDog app launch
- AR. update (Ver.3)

Step 5

“2023 ~”
- Global service expansion
- Content extension

Step 6
Global service expansion